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Slow Dance In Purgatory (2000)

Slow Dance in Purgatory (2000)
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Slow Dance In Purgatory (2000)
Slow Dance In Purgatory (2000)

About book: It’s been a while since I’ve read a good YA paranormal romance. But I certainly found one here. The best way for me to describe this book is pure and simple romance. It’s about first love and being accepted for who you are. It’s about finding that person who makes you feel whole. It’s about battling insurmountable odds. And it proves that love knows no boundaries.Maggie is an orphan who, after many years of foster homes, finally ends up with her elderly aunt. She’s been through a lot but it’s made her strong. She loves her family and friends fiercely and is loyal to a fault. Johnny also loves and protects his family. He’s handsome and swoony and all the girls like him. Or, at least they did when he was alive. Yes, that’s right, he died 50 years ago and now he’s a ghost. Ok, I know what you’re thinking…that this is too strange. But hear me out, trust me, it works. Maggie is one of the few people who can see him and, even though he scares her at first, she soon discovers the inner Johnny…the wonderful, caring boy who’s stuck in purgatory. And whether or not you believe in ghosts, you can’t deny their chemistry. These two feel like the perfect match from the very beginning.As you can imagine, their love is unusual and it’s not brimming with hope for the future…after all, one of them is already dead. But reading about their desire to hold on to each other (and his selfless desire to protect her) made me sigh more than once!! Beware, there is a cliffhanger at the end. But, no worries there because I’m sure you’ll want to read the second book…which, lucky for us, is already available. So, suspend your judgement and check it out. I’m pretty sure you’ll fall in love with Maggie, Johnny and their story! I know I did! There are three "themes" that I really like but I can't find the book that develops the subject as I want it: mermaids, circuses and love stories with one side being a ghost. This book almost made the last one... but no :( it didn't seem real... I know it is fantasy but, fantasy is like a lie that must be really convincing and it just wasn't. It was cute and the end demands to read the next book but I am just going to pass.
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Touching and emotionally charged. I cannot wait to read the next book.
Review to come. Really enjoyed.Content: some language
Good but not her finest
*4.5 stars*
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