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Small Town Girl: A Novel (2012)

Small Town Girl: A Novel (2012)
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1611381444 (ISBN13: 9781611381443)
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Small Town Girl: A Novel (2012)
Small Town Girl: A Novel (2012)

About book: A fun and funny tale where country music and musicians, restaurants and baking, children and adults, and small towns with dozens of helpful neighbors intermix to turn bad times into good. The advantages and disadvantages of small town living are highlighted, and the lead characters are larger than life. I had a bit of trouble with our legal system if you have to sue the good guy in order to get to the bad guy. With music especially, the copyright for the music should be separated from the copyright for the lyrics since so many songs are co-written. I didn't like it that Flint had to pay for Randy's stolen lyrics when all he wrote was the music. There was something wrong with this picture and it did not feel like justice to me. But I loved the way the whole town pitched in to make things work and to help Flint fix up his restaurant after it was partially demolished by the trucks. And I loved the way Flint's sons wrote music on a computer. Lots to love about this book.
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