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Small Victories: Spotting Improbable Moments Of Grace (2014)

Small Victories: Spotting Improbable Moments of Grace (2014)

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About book Small Victories: Spotting Improbable Moments Of Grace (2014)

I had never heard of this author before and I'm not sure how I learned of this book. I listened to the audio version of it read by the author. She is a gifted and enjoyable storyteller. Her stories are both funny and thought provoking. She wrote her feelings about little experiences in her life and although they are not always "Christian-like", she says what most of us would be thinking under the same circumstances.I'm not a religious person but I did enjoy this book and was honestly very surprised when going to search for more of her writings at Barnes & Noble, discovered they were located in the Religion section. She does refer to God, her Christian upbringing and brief references to her beliefs but it was not "in your face" religion.I would like to read (or listen to) more by Ms. Lamott. I am on a fine streak of finding kindred spirits through their books. Lamott mentions in here a few times how her sensitive, creative siblings and friends mostly end up drinking, using drugs, falling into depression, or being saved by the grace of believing in a high power, to survive. I have: women who write books and then read their own audiobooks. Brene Brown's "Daring Greatly," about the power and grace of vulnerability, though it wasn't quite as artful or scientific as I'd like-- too many fluffy case studies. Amanda Palmer's "Art of Asking," about letting people see and help support you (if they want to), though she's cruder and more rock and roll than I am. And this Anne Lamott book with such glowy moments of wit, humor, and acknowledged grace...among the other embarrassing, scary, and "not fair" scenes of her life. The unifying theme of these essays, for me, is that I need to read everything Anne Lamott writes. I'd already been teaching her "moral Point of View" chapter from "bird by bird" to my intro to creative writing classes.

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As per usual, I loved this. Ms. Lamott's writing goes straight to the heart.

I only wish I had started reading Anne Lamott much earlier in life...

My last Anne Lamott book - too political

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