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Smart Girls Think Twice (2009)

Smart Girls Think Twice (2009)

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0425226484 (ISBN13: 9780425226483)

About book Smart Girls Think Twice (2009)

Wow, did not love it. Didn't hate it either. The plot was good, just wasn't developed well. (like Emma's and Jake's project)The whole story revolved around sex. All the time. i kind of got tired of hearing how amazingly hot Jake is and how Emma's too smart to go for him. Jake came on SO strong. And Emma made herself look really easy. Overall, it was a short story about an affair. The author tried fixing that by making Jake fall for the week after they met. Not believable. Not one of my favorites. I wanted to see their relationship grow into a friendship then love. Not lust and then love. You guys should try I've got your number by Sophie Kinsella or A girl like you by Gemma Burgees. If you want a book that's got the Love to Lust plot but WELL WRITTEN, then try any of the Julie James novels. I recommend A lot like love and About that Night Ms. Linz is a best selling author in the romantic comedy field,and has definitely perfected her style of writing. It is definitely sexy enough to entertain her audience and the dialog is saucy and clever. I have to admit, and this will stun you, I'm sure, I'm not in the target audience for modern romance novels. The sex is a little too graphic for my old fashioned sensibilities, though it may sound delightfully realistic to the modern swinging singles out there.The protagonist is sweet and sensible Emma Riley who has earned a degree in sociology and decides to multi-task when she returns to her hometown for the weddings of her two older sisters. Her plan is to survey the residents of small town Rock Creek Pennsylvania to determine the cause and effects of it's recent resurgence in population and in new business openings. Her hope is that she can publish her research and therefore punch up her professional credentials, or maybe just save her job back in Boston.It's been awhile since her family has been back together, but as always, the pecking order remains intact, so Emma feels picked on by her sisters, and all three girls have the usual annoyances with everything their mom does or says. Turns out both sisters are pregnant, so some of the humor is based on morning sickness and frequent runs to the bathroom. The Riley family dynamics, the wedding preparations and the bride's maid dresses also contribute to the humor. Oh, and did I mention that the family home is in a trailer park? Mmmhmm....But the real action comes when Emma seeks to interview the newest resident in town, the sexy and mysterious bartender Jake Slayter. Her attraction to him is immediate and sensual, shall we say. That first meeting doesn't go real well, but the attraction is there, and grows throughout the book. What she doesn't know is the real reason Jake has come to Rock Creek. He was adopted as an infant and is seeking to follow up on investigative work he had done, which tells him his birth mother came from Rock Creek.One convention that Ms. Linz uses a little too often, in my humble opinion, is that of the person being discussed always seems to be there to overhear and create an awkward conversational moment. I'm sure there's got to be another way to move the plot forward, but, hey,it's working for her...

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Good! One of the better in the series.

Cannot read this anymore. Too boring.

i luv it

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