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Smart Move (2012)

Smart Move (2012)

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About book Smart Move (2012)

Two masterful professionals go head to head in a zoning dispute. Jake Manning (El Diablo) turns Sandy's (Sand Dollar) life into chaos especially when they meet face-to-face and realize they've met before. If there weren't sparks flying before, they sure are now. I was kept on my toes to figure out how Jake would dig his way out of the very deep hole he'd dug himself into as far as Sandy's concerned. The comic relief would be Sandy's mother when she shows up for a week's stay with her daughter. I love Melanie's work. I loved Sandy in this. I accidentally read some spoilery reviews before I read this, and a lot of people said they didn't like Sandy, that she was mean, etc. I didn't feel that way at all. I loved her. Except when she was doing the whole falling-in-love thing. Which sort of defeats the purpose of the romance novel, and is a pretty good indicator of why I don't generally read romance novels. This book was funny, and I stayed up til one in the morning reading it, so that should really say something. However. Working "really hard" to stay a size six does not consist of eating two or three decadent desserts in a day and doing hatha yoga once every couple weeks. /rant. PARENTAL ADVISORIES: Language 0/5: off-screen cursing ("she swore" or "she uttered a curse" without saying the curse words)Violence 0/5: NothingSex 1/5: Lots of kissing, a man is referred to as sexy several times, and a lot of "electricity" and "chemistry" talk. Substance Abuses 0/5: Nothing

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Cute, funny almost-sequel to Twitterpated. Boy do I love Melanie Jacobson!

This book was awesome. I laughed so much that I started to cry at times!

Cute, contemporary, light romance.

Another fun read by Melanie.


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