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Smart, Sexy And Secretive (2013)

Smart, Sexy and Secretive (2013)

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About book Smart, Sexy And Secretive (2013)

*Do not read this review if you haven't read the previous book*This story picks up a couple of months after Emily leaving New York, and now she's going back. She and Logan haven't talked in all that time, so both are a bit anxious to how things will go from here on out. Though I have to say that Logan is very confident that they will make it work. He has missed her and can not wait to have Emily back in his arms.While the reunion is great and everything you expect it to be, it seems that Emily's dad and her ex-boyfriend are reluctant to let her go that easily. They are both against Logan and his relationship with Emily. What follows are a couple of cliché situations, that do work themselves out in the end.Honestly these two first books are very predictable when it comes to the plot development, not a lot of surprises for me. Still it was enjoyable, and there are plenty of hot scenes to keep you entertained. Emily and Logan might finally get their happily after, they just have to pass a couple of hurdles first. It was great getting to know the other brothers better and I look forward to their stories. Alright, don't get me wrong with the three instead of five stars. I like it, maybe without a really. Its just because Falkner tried to write it in a rush to get it done with, I mean too many sudden moves happening in the story. I know the book being only some 100ish pages but still, the couples are just too amazing to have their stories jump from one to another that fast. But Logan and Emily are still one of my favorites, favorites couple!

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Another great surprise! I loved this couple & glad things could finally work themselves out.

Why? Why must authors do this to me? I am absolutely in love with all of the Reed boys.

4.5 stars! What a great conclusion to Emily and Logan's story. Highly recommend!

Filled in the blanks and gave me the ending I desperately wanted to see!

I love the Reed brothers series!!

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