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So Geht Liebe (2014)

So geht Liebe (2014)

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About book So Geht Liebe (2014)

I loved the structure of this book. Alternating between the past and the present was a nice hook to keep the reader interested and I flew through it. However, Sawyer is written as a total waste of space and I couldn't help thinking that this book does not adequately address this issue. Much of the plot depends on the reader understanding the pull between Reena and Sawyer and I really really didn't. I, therefore, spent large amounts of the process of reading How to Love metaphorically banging my head off a wall. To me this relationship was the perfect example of how not to love. It is a pity as I really enjoyed large chunks of the story and I adored how the rest of the characters were developed. Ultimately, however, How to Love left me feeling frustrated and flat. Beautifully written by Katie Cotugno. But, for the half of story I feel like everything was too guessable, naive, and so on. Honestly, I didn't like the way Sawyer and Reena being so messed up together. But start from 300+ I think the tension rises up, and I keep reading till the end. And the execution of the ending was quite nice, and sweet, thus for some reason I can accept them. Still, I hand my support to Aaron instead. That's why I could only give four stars.

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I really loved the after ending, she understood what she really wanted and what her heart wanted.

I could not put this book down. It took me about 26 hours to finish. I would highly recommend!

Okay so maybe Sawyer was redeemed in the end, but...okay. I'm still reeling.

Quick & easy read! Loved it!

Úžasná oddychovka!

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