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So Over You (2000)

So Over You (2000)

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About book So Over You (2000)

A girl with a dark secret who doesn't date is sent on twelve dates for her journalism group to help them make money..the person who set it up Jimmy Foster her ex boyfriend from eight grade whom she still in a very secluded way still loves..From the start of reading this book I was alittle unsure if I wanted to read it..but as the story developed I grew to fall in love with Layney and Jimmy....but most of all Mr. February was THEE best ever......I love love love Micah and that tongue pricing and am sad that him and Layney didn't make it together in the end of the book but there is nothing I can do about that ......this book was a great read and I really enjoyed it..Why the four stars then..One word Micah.....I so love him ...Coming to the end.... the what a girl want article was perfectly written and i find it hard to believe Layney wrote it.. The months: I lovedJanauary- A basketball player who loves his girl so muchFebruary- My skater boy who has a tongue percing yummMarach- my Hawaiian BFF..December yumm jimmy jimmy jimmyWhen reading this book we can all learn something that its better to talk to someone who we can trust instead of holding it in because it will do us no good.SPEAK UP!!!!!And lastly that mother of've I cnt remember which month mussy November I so did not like she has her son believing wrong things what a great example she's setting...not all girls are alike.. Having read and enjoyed Totally Tubular, I was looking forward to So Over You. Gwen Hayes is a great writer. I read this in one, quick setting.It's funny, poignant and clever. Layney is fierce, intelligent, witty and independent, while Foster is the take-the-piss-out-of-you type of guy, who secretly adores you. Utterly endearing.Layney Logan and Jimmy Foster, Layney Logan and Jimmy Foster, Layney Logan and Jimmy Foster ;)

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dis boook had my heart racing she did a wonderful job i jus hated it had to end without knowing more

Great book and the chemistry between LL and JF drew me in!!!!

this was the best book i ever read.

3.5 stars

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