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So This Is Love (1995)

So This Is Love (1995)

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About book So This Is Love (1995)

So This Is Love by Elaine CoffmanI enjoyed this story, sometimes it's good not to get what you think you want.The description of the book I am listing below is from the back jacket of the book. I'm adding it because I believe the one on the Goodreads page does not depict this story. He wanted a virgin, but he got a woman with love in her past....Maggie Ramsay was alone, homeless, and widowed with three children—the man she loved and her life at Glengarry Castle destroyed in one murderous act. Her desperate circumstances called for desperate measures: marriage to a man she'd never met. As the bride of California timber baron Adrian Mackinnon she would have a new life, a new beginning ... away from the danger that still threatened her young son.Adrian Mackinnon wanted a perfect jewel to crown his redwood empire; a beautiful, ornamental wife to give him heirs. But Maggie Ramsay, with her Scot's logic, dry humor--and her past—was not what he had bargained for. Undaunted, Maggie met the challenge of the primitive raw forest and Adrian's own blustery ways head-on, winning the hearts of every man at camp, and tackling a business no ordinary woman would dare. She also found herself in love with her husband. But the closer she got to Adrian's aching heart, the harder he pushed her away. He was determined to prove he needed no one—until greed and passion threatened all he owned, and he was faced with a choice no man should ever have to make....

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