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Sock Innovation: Knitting Techniques & Patterns For One-Of-A-Kind Socks (2009)

Sock Innovation: Knitting Techniques & Patterns for One-Of-A-Kind Socks (2009)
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1596681098 (ISBN13: 9781596681095)
Interweave Press
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Sock Innovation: Knitting Techniques ...
Sock Innovation: Knitting Techniques & Patterns For One-Of-A-Kind Socks (2009)

About book: So I've looked through and read a good part of this book already and it's gorgeous and inspirational. I think it will serve as motivation to get out and think about sock design and maybe even design my own socks. Someday. I loved how all of the patterns were titled after the people she most loves in her life and I loved reading the little blurbs about how the socks reflect their personalities.I was kind of irritated by how similar angee and wanida were and then the fact that they were right next to each other. When I see that I feel gypped because they're like 18 new patterns! But does it count when they're pretty much the same thing? Amazing book though. Even if nobody does stand like that.::edit::Working on rick and I'm noticing some wonky yo's going on, which is in the pictures too.. hmm. I am so excited about this book. I had a copy on order at my LYS and the minute they called I was on their doorstep to pick it up. I do not understand her math and design theories, but I have lots to learn from her patterns and variations. I can hardly wait to get my current pairs OTN, so I can start one of hers. And I get to meet her in August at the sock summit and have her autograph my copy. I truly enjoy her work and taking the time to put it all down. She's the best.
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I haven't made anything from this book yet but the patterns look beautiful.
I have a skein of malabrigo sock ear-marked (foot-marked?) for Kai-Mei.
This is one of the most amazing collections of sock patterns.
Love Love Love Cookie A and her socks! Brilliant....
very pretty socks. Can't wait to make some...
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