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Soldier (2009)

Soldier (2009)

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1603706372 (ISBN13: 9781603706377)
Torquere Press

About book Soldier (2009)

First book to every make me cry. I fell in love with how much the boys loved and took care of each other, and how much better Soldier made their lives. I have read every Scarcity book and a few of A.k.m's others I really enjoy her work and am looking forward to many more of her books. There not just stories they make you feel and that's what sticks with me and keep me on the look out for anything new from A.K.M.Miles I truly am a fan. Dillon survived a traumatic childhood and is now doing his best to help other abused/forgotten children. Unfortunately, he has to do this with insufficient help and the constant fear that his seven boys will be taken away. Putting food on the table is difficult, but Dillon is willing to make sacrifices to protect these children whom no one wants.Soldier has been through a harrowing ordeal. The veteran was severely injured in Iraq, and his pain and scars have turned him into a loner. He is fascinated by Dillon, whom he watches from the shadows. Dillon is trying his best to shelter, protect, and love seven young boys who are just as emotionally scarred as Soldier is physically. When Soldier and Dillon meet, Soldier is drawn into the lives of Dillon's charges. The two must work together in order to give the boys the normalcy and safety they deserve.What can I say about this book? Well, it was the first book I've read by this author, and I will absolutely purchase more. The characters were endearing, and I fell in love with Soldier and the boys. I teared up more that once as Soldier became more entrenched in the lives of Gom and Tommy. When the children's life stories were revealed, Soldier's anger and subsequent tenderness was touching.I can't wait for the sequels!!!!

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Very mushy, you need a box of Kleenex to get through all the horrid stories of the boys.

Loved these characters - well written and you can't help wanting these guys to make it.

This cover makes me want to cry...

Great book. Love this author.


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