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Sombra Perfecta (2012)

Sombra perfecta (2012)

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About book Sombra Perfecta (2012)

Read the Night Angel Trilogy first!This was a decently fun ride. Brent Weeks is a master of his craft, but this is by far my least favorite....but kind of hard to compare to a full novel. There are just some areas that I thought were a little too simple? The pace just wasn't there for me, but any more back story I can soak up I cherish. Brent weeks delivers one trilogy and his new trilogy is shaping up to be just as good. Read his work, you will not be disappointed. Decent enough overall. Nice to see Durzo again. But even knowing this was a novella, I felt shortchanged. I think I would've been less disappointed in the length if a full 20% of the eBook weren't an advertisement for the author's other books. 5%, great. 10%, I feel a little irritated. 20% of a book that's already short as-is? Downright disappointed. On the other hand, maybe the device should only count the % of the actual story, not including the extras.

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good insight if you enjoy the trilogy for the 2nd character ,nice quick read

BLINT! Need I say more? :D



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