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Some Girls Bite (2009)

Some Girls Bite (2009)

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This is one of the best vampire books I have read in a long time. Neill relies on classic vampire mythology, updating it only slightly, but sticking true to the fundamentals of vampire lore (primarily as vampires being creatures of the night and being fatally allergic to sunlight). Her attention to deliberate world-building is phenomenal. Details are woven into the fabric of the text with ease and revealed not in block paragraphs, but through dialogue, giving the impression that her characters are a part of the Chicagoland she has built. There is internal logic to what she has developed.Merit is a strong female protagonist. She is a newly turned (against her will) vampire and goes through the emotions as such. Her actions and reactions are consistently believable, and she develops throughout the story. She faces temptations aplenty, but has the will power to stand her ground and not compromise her values. In doing so she gains strength and wisdom.I love the concept of the Houses. This is an example of Neill’s strong world-building skills, and the history of these Houses makes for a nice backdrop to the story. I also like the idea of vampires coming out (of the coffin) as a contemporary parallel to the struggle LGBT people face. However, if memory serves, I think this was used earlier by Charlaine Harris in her Sookie series (didn’t vamps come out there?). The only weakness I saw, and what accounts for the four-star rating, is the conclusion. So much of the story was building deliberately toward resolution, and when the resolution came, it felt stock, pat, and rushed, as if Neill realized she had x number of pages left and had to jam the finale into those few pages. My concern is whether Neill will not only continue the same level of story-telling throughout her lengthy series, but improve upon it in subsequent novels. I certainly hope so because she picked up a fan in me. This book was actually a really pleasant surprise despite a rough start.Heroine:at first her stubbornness went overboard and she came off as bitchy but over the course of the book it leveled out enough to make her bad ass. I really liked the way she stayed true to herself and didnt bow and scrape just because she was made into a vampire. I really enjoyed that that you could actually see her growing as a character throughout the book. Alot of books dont do that but this one did it exceptionally well.Hero 1 (eric): i hesitate to even call him a hero because he is a pompous ass all the way throughout the book. We get glimpses of vulnerability but just enough not to totally write him off not really enough to make him any shred of likable.Hero 2 (Morgan): I'm not really sure if he's gonna make it as a love interest but ill review him anyways. He got off to a rough start but i liked that he was man enough to apologize. He was very charismatic, easy going and likable. On the other hand his charisma felt a little fake and he was a little too easy going. I like him but i dont fully trust him so i guess i'll just have to wait and seeRomance: it was a little thin but thats ok because it wasnt really the point of the book.Plot: Fairly interesting if not totally unique. The mystery twist actually caught me a bit by surprise but i felt like the suspense could have been played up a bit more to make it even more shocking.Writing: Pretty well done i didnt notice any errors or awkward writing. The vampire powers were pretty well developed but i wouldve liked to see more of the vamp history/mythology. I also have to say i do not dig the whole feudal lord thing. I mean there had to have been a better way to do the plot line than making all the baby vamps essentially enslaved having to whatever master vamp says? Its pretty skeezy and a hard thing as a female reader to get behind. Other than that though i really enjoyed this book.Bottom line: i started off this book with low expectations but it was actually a really pleasant surprise one which i quite enjoyed. would definitely recommend this one and ive already started on the next

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Merit does not choose to be a vampire but she adapts with the changes made in her life and makes lemonade out of the proverbial lemons. It's actually refreshing to read a female character so mature and likable who is not in high school and doesn't make me want to crawl inside a book and strangle them. Merit and her best friend, Mallory, are flat-out hilarious and their snarkiness had me LOL’ing. So nice to see strong, positive female relationships! Ethan is a total ass - but what kind of 400 year-old vampire would he be if he wasn't? Merit gives back as good as she takes and in general just doesn't put up with his shit. I loved how Merit & Ethan’s relationship was encouraged by basically NO ONE. Considering his attitude towards her most of the time, it’s nice to see a female lead fighting an attraction with a guy who, generally, just doesn't treat her well. Not that he is an unlikely male lead, he's just a 400 year old vampire with an important job to do and not motivated to easily accept emotions and humanity. Some things I didn't enjoy…..The vampires are basically organized as a college fraternity or sorority. They live in a dorm complete with a cafeteria. After being alive for hundreds of years, wouldn't you think they would be able to come up with better living arrangements? I remember living in a dorm, and it’s not an experience I would willingly repeat. Also, after revealing themselves to the public a short 8 months ago, human society has basically accepted them and moved on? HIGHLY UNLIKELY. Last, even though I love them, and read them nonstop…..another book about vampires. Ugh. Can somebody imagine some OTHER supernatural creature that is incredibly hot and sexy and start a new phenom?I’m giving the first book in this series, SOME GIRLS BITE, a 4.5 out of 5. I enjoyed the story, the writing style, and the relationships amongst the characters. I’m looking forward to book 2.-Reviewer, Scarlett Roberts

ok, I've been looking for a series similar to jf night huntress and this was recommended in a few different places. sadly it wasn't up to par with frost. I'm not say it wasn't a decent read, just a little boring. I'm going to continue this series in hopes it will perk up some in the romance department and the girl kicking ass suspense department!!! please let me know if I'm wasting quality reading time.

There was so much tension and hilarious witty banter!! Need book two asap!!

I love this entire series! I can't wait for the next one to come out.

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