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Someone To Watch Over Me (1999)

Someone to Watch Over Me (1999)
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Someone To Watch Over Me (1999)
Someone To Watch Over Me (1999)

About book: Mirip cerita Until You nya JM...mungkin memang karena cerita tentang amnesia masih sangat menarik dan tidak banyak di angkat di HR.Di angkat dari sungai Thames yg dingin pada suatu malam, seorang gadis yg oleh Grant Morgan (detektif Bow Street Runners) sebagai Vivien, prostitute kelas atas yg pernah sekali ditemui nya di satu pesta, dan di bawa ke rumah Grant...Gadis cantik ini hilang ingatan dan tidak tau siapa diri nya, hanya tahu dari Grant kalau namanya Vivien.Di pertahan kan tinggal di kamar Grant sementara Grant menyelidiki , dia tidak merasa spt Vivien, bahkan tindakan nya tdk spt seorang gundik yg manja dan suka bermewah2.Sesaat setelah Grant menghubungi mantan 'pelindung' nya Lord Gerard dan mengambil pakaian dari rumah nya, dia kembali bermimpi tentang peristiwa malam itu saat dia di cekik orang dan tenggelam, menjerit2, hingga Grant datang dan menenangkan ...ehm... Yang lucu dan so romantic adalah kejadian dimana Grant menawarkan diri buat menemani dia malam itu, tapi ternyata dua2nya ga bisa tidur, saat pagi menjelang, Grant tidak tahan lagi dan dia menyambut dengan antusias (yg ini hanya bisa di baca sendiri "thrill" nya ya)...tapi belum sempat kejadian uhuk uhuk nya, masuk lah pelayan kamar, Grant cuma melirik dg kasar, dan bilang 'not now'...langsunglah pelayan itu kabur liat majikannya on top of her hahhahahaha.... Frustasi dengan perkembangan kasus yg begitu2 saja dan hatinya yg mulai mendamba, Grant merencanakan memancing calon pembunuh Vivien dengan membawa Vivien ke pesta dansa.Masalah nya, Vivian terlalu cantik malam itu membuat Grant protektif dan tidak ingin membagi nya dengan siapapun...dg pin yg hanya di miliki anggota bow street runners di leher nya,Vivian akan di gossipkan sebagai gudik Grant, tp Grant tidak peduli.Menarik kejadian di pesta di mana hampir semua laki2 yg pernah tidur dg Vivien muncul di persta itu, terutama Lord Gerard, pelindung nya yg terakhir yg ngajak balik.Vivian akhir nya tahu kalau dia (atau Vivian yg asli) sedang hamil pada saat meninggalkan Gerard. Ini tidak di beri tahu kepada Grant. Saat di taman, Vivien juga mendengar suara pembunuh nya waktu itu, sayang tidak sempat di tangkap oleh anggota bow street yg berjaga.Malam itu Grant buru2 mengajak Vivien pulang, di kereta Grant tidak tahan lagi, dan dia menyatakan "I love You" ke Vivien sambil sweet.....Di gendong menuruni kereta, mereka langsunglah uhuk uhuk (Grant sdh memohon ini di kereta sebelumnya)....Malam itu juga mereka tahu jika Vivian masih perawan ! Kagetlah mereka berdua saat itu.Jika dia perawan, tidak mungkin dia adalah Vivien kan? Tapi tetap aja Grant tidak tahan dan melanjutkan percintaan mereka...huuuuuh...dasar lelakiiiiiiii Setelah meminta maaf dengan tulus dan DI TOLAK ! mereka pergi ke dokter Linley yg pernah memeriksa Vivien yg asli, dan di dapat info bahwa Vivien memang hamil !Lalu siapa Vivien yg ini? Yg masih perawan sebelum last night dg Grant?Most sweet words from Grant " There is never going to be another lover for her, I am the only man for her"..... Tiba di rumah setelah bertemu Vivien asli, langsung Grant mencari Lord Lane yg ternyata ada di belakang semua ini.Ternyata Vivien pacaran sama Harry,anaknya Lord Lane, cinta nya ditolak, Harry bunuh diri, eh si Vivien malah merayu anak si Harry,Thomas. Marahlah Lane menyewa org buat membunuh Vivien, Vivien lolos, malah Victoria yg kena sasaran.Yang bikin panik Grant, adl saat Lord lane mengatakan jika org yg di bayarnya untuk membunuh Vivien adl org dari Bow Street Runners, yg saat itu di percaya Grant buat menjaga Victoria sementara Grant pergi ! Padahal, Grant sdh siap2 melamar Victoria , saat di larikan Keyes.Panik setengah mati...Grant tahu jika dia tidak akan bisa hidup tanpa Victoria...apa yg terjadi? Bertemukan kedua kembar itu setelah ini?Yang jelas...Grant was every women wanted kind of man jelas Ending seperti biasa, happy...Victoria akhir nya hamil juga (anak Grant) .....Beutiful story dengan bumbu kejar2an ala detektif, tapi tidak terlalu tegang hingga bikin stres...LK sekali lagi amazed me !

2.5The good thing about this story is that the characters aren't the usual ones. They are not members of aristocracy and overcoming the issue of her being a prostitute should have been a problem then. The Runners are great choice.After Grant Morgan takes Vivien to his home to recover, remembering how she spread gossip about him two months ago because he refused her, all he wants is revenge. He doesn't expect Vivien not to remember who she is nor that she is completely different person from manipulative liar he met before.And that brings me to the bad: the solution for all this is plain lazy. (view spoiler)[Don't read further if you haven't read the book.After reading the blurb and the moment Grant and Vivien meet at the ball for the first time, I realized they have a real problem on their hands. I wondered how their relationship would be solved. There is no misunderstanding her character at that ball - she is a terrible person, she manipulates and lies. Grant showed her how not special she is and got two months of gossiping behind his back. That doesn't excuse his behaviour towards a woman who had been hurt later on.Vivien doesn't act the way she is supposed to and Grant doesn't know what to do. Yes, he still wants to get back at her, but the woman who is his guest is the opposite of everything he saw before. I wondered how she would act when her memory comes back, when she sees just how bad she has been and I am not talking about her being a prostitute. Vivian truly was a bad person. However, there was no solution. The author took the laziest way out. With that the story lost all the depth. I know I marked this as a spoiler, but I won't write what exactly happens. I really didn't like the solution nor some of the actions of Grant Morgan even if I think he is an extraordinary character. Later, he gets better. ''s not every day that a man discovers that one small, fragile, accident-prone woman is the centre of his very existence.' (hide spoiler)]
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A different kind of historical here. Reads more like romantic suspense set in a historical backdrop at times so it’s not always focused on the love story like some of her other books. The beginning is good but somewhere around the middle I started getting a bit bored so it just makes a 4 star rating —more like a 3 ¾ (lol!). Kleypas still does a great job of making you feel like you can actually see what she’s describing but there were too many long narrative passages which dragged the book down and had me skim reading. There were the odd emotional moments (Grant could be pretty mean at times) but not enough to really get to you and make you keep flipping the pages.It’s an interesting story with some good twists and turns (if I tell any I’ll spoil the surprises), a scruffy-almost-a-gentleman hero out for vengeance on an unsuspecting heroine and some mild steam but there’s just something about them that didn’t always click like Kleypas’ couples usually do. The heroine had some stupid moments in the end that seemed like filler. All of the problems are resolved but there needs to be a good ending to the story so let’s add something that doesn’t really fit. Not usually how Kleypas writes. It was missing that strong emotional attachment that you get with her characters.It’s still a decent story but maybe because I’ve read some her other books that were exceptional I was expecting something similar.
4 starsSo I hear many people don't like this book. Come on! Sure, LK has written better books, but it's LISA KLEYPAS, which means the book is still 5 times better than most romance novels out there.StWOM had a bulky, possessive and swoon-worthy hero, a sweet heroine and a healthy dose of angst due to the heroine's profession. The mystery around the heroine's identity was not that hard to guess (I figured out what it was in chapter 2), so the book didn't work that well as a mystery, but as a romance it was very entertaining.I once said I didn't like Lisa Kleypas. This statement has caused me endless embarrassment. I do choke on my own words now. Having read most of her HRs and her Travises series, I officialy declare that she's my favorite romance writer. I will slowly work my way through her whole backlist, but for now I have a piece of advice for you. You see a LK novel? You go get it right this instant. You are guaranteed to love it!
"She was sore in places she had never been sore before.” Is this an awesome quote, or what?I think OD’ed on this girly porn, I had a good reason but I need to stop now and read some James Joyce or something.Spoilers ahead. I am not going to even officially mark it as a spoiler because if you didn’t see that coming from the very first page then you don’t deserve to be warned. A certain tall, strapping Bow Street Runner named Grant finds a nearly dead woman fished out of Thames. To his surprise and delight it is Vivien – most expensive and most desired courtesan of London. And Grant has a bone to pick with her, so he takes her to his house where he intends to have his little revenge. Vivien regains her consciousness but sadly can’t remember a thing, so she can’t provide any clues as to who might want to kill her. She also appears very shy, modest, weirdly into books and absolutely mortified when she finds out she is supposed to be this high flying prostitute. Anyone who has ever seen at least half an episode of any soap opera knows damn well that amnesia goes hand in hand with people having secret twin siblings. Only Grant has never seen any soap opera so he is convinced Vivian playing some silly game. And, of course, how will he find out how wrong he was? Don’t tell me you don’t see it coming. He will have sex with her and bam, realizes she can’t possibly by nation-wide famous prostitute, as she is (or was, now, thanks to him) very much a virgin.So yeah, a bit out there, non? But probability is not what I want from my girly porn. Neither do I want historical accuracy. If I wanted historical accuracy I would read Dickens. As it is, the setting of Regency romances is a fantasy world, that has its rules, but they don’t really have to be historically accurate. It is something like Middle-earth, if you like. Eventually ‘Vivien’ learns the truth, finds out that Grant was a bit of a dick who lied to her and is angry at him for like half a page. It goes like this: “You….!!, you..!! Hey, wanna go down on me again?”. The ending of the book was spoiled with too much mushiness, with Grant promising things like “I will never be apart from for more than two hours”, and all sort of nonsense on and on. For pages. I thought: “Ok, lady, enough. You’re beating a dead horse here.”
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