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Something Girl (2006)

Something Girl (2006)

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About book Something Girl (2006)

The book "Something Girl" by Beth Goobie was an amazing book.This book was about a girl named Sophie.In the past Sophie had stolen lipstick,chocolate bars and cigarettes.That caused her to be on probation.She has to meet with her probation officer "Ms. Lee" every two weeks.Her father beats her constantly and bruises her.Her 12 year old friend "Jujubee" believes that Sophie should tell the truth about how she really gets her bruises, but Sophie is too afraid of her father.So that means that someone else has to tell for her.Will they do anything about this or just let her live with her father and allow the beatings? I really enjoyed this book.I think the author taught me that these types of things happen in our everyday lives.I would recommend this book because this book tells you about what you need to take risks in order to goon in life.I would recommend this book to anyone i feel this book will entertain anyone.

Something Girl, by Beth Goobie, is about a 15 year old girl (Sophie), who gets physically abused by her father. Her mother, unable to stop the madness, is a depressed alcoholic. In the town, her father is an extremely respected member of parliment, but at home is a violent maniac. Sophie only has one person who understands her, her 12 year old neighbour, JuJube. After a particularly intense attack from her dad, Sophie is put into hospital. Are Sophie and her mother given justice, or does the abusive madness continue? The storyline of this book is decent, but the writing is boring and repetitive.

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Something Girl was a good book! It's about a girl named Sophie and right at the beginning of the book, her boyfriend Larry breaks up with her, so she's upset about that, but trys to forget about it. Her dad comes of as a good dad, but when it's just Sophie and him, she's always getting hit or something. She thinks she's nothing and not good, since that's what her dad tells her all the time. Her bestfriend is Jujubi and younger than her. This is one of her only friends. Will she tell someone about her abusive father, or no? Now, i don't want to give the whole book away, read it!!!

The genre of my book is realistic fiction. It is realistic fiction because it could possibly happen in real life (hopefully it doesn't) Sophie's boyfriend larry breaks up with her for another girl. Sophie is heartbroken from it. then when Sophie comes home late her dad hits her and bangs her head against things and throws chairs and stuff at her. her friend jujube is the only person that knows what happens to her . jujubes mom starts to found out what happens. the counsulor that Sophie sees finds out about Sophie's dad hitting her. she takes her out of the house and puts her in some type of foster/group home.I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars. I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars because it was a easy read and because it had a really good plot. Also because i like to read stories that could possibly happen in real life.i recommend this book to anyone who likes to read about drama or abuse.
—Kamaya Smith

This was a sad book it made me cry a little because this girl was getting abused by her father for no reason.He would tell her she was clueless and stupid and a nothing girl. He would kick her and punch until she had bruises on her body and it was hard for her to move. And every time she would go to school and the teachers would she the bruises they would call DHR and they would go over to her house talk to her parents and then when they leave he would beat her harder.But one night he hurt her so hard that she couldnt move. They had to call the ambuliance and she was in the hostipal. And come to find out her mom was getting beat and her mom didnt think that her daughter was. But this is a really good book. I would read this again.

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