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Something Wicked This Way Comes, Volume 1 (2011)

Something Wicked This Way Comes, Volume 1 (2011)

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Ellora's Cave

About book Something Wicked This Way Comes, Volume 1 (2011)

I bought this book for the laurann dohner's story,captain of nara's heart. Ironically I didn't not like her story at all. I should have gone with my instinct. I usually don't like these short story books. they are usually expensive and filled with stories that are too short to have a complex enough story to be interesting. Laurann Dohner's story is too much sex and not enough relationship building. The second short story was my favorite and it actually was good dragon heat by mel Teshco. Only, now I wish this was part of a series because it I wanted more after the short and to the point story I read. I think I may stay away from these short story books in the future. I chose this one expressly because I wanted to read The Addiction by Jaid Black. I wished John and Shelli's story were longer but I was satisfied that John got his sweet HEA after reading about him in The Possession. The other shorts didn't really hold much interest for me but were alright, not great. I'll point out that I'm just not big on the alternate universe/alien and paranormal stuff in general.

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Not bad......stories were long enough to grab my interest but to short to really enjoy.

If Laurann Dohner has written something, then I have read it. :)

The first story is great the others are just so so.

Just read the LD story, it was short and sweet!

4.5 Stars

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