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Sometimes It Happens (2011)

Sometimes It Happens (2011)

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Simon Pulse

About book Sometimes It Happens (2011)

Lauren Barnholdt has a thing for befores and afters. And I love them!! (And I have yet to decide if I will give this four or five stars)At first I kept thinking Noah and Hannah kissed, that that was what happened during that night. I was shocked and sort of freaked out when I learned what really happened.Ava is kinda okay, but not so much to the point that she's a real best friend. Or rather, she's a great friend to Hannah but not such a great person.I sort of like Riker. Haha but I actually really like Noah and Hannah together. Ava is, well, I think she has yet to find that person who is really for her. Lauren does not like the name 'Jemima'. Or Hannah is the one who doesn't like that name. hahahah But anyway, I actually like the idea of this book. How sometimes, things just happen and we're wrong and we can't do anything about it anymore but it just is. They just are.I like Lacey. I like Lacey a ton. I loved the plot of this book, although the chapters go back and forth between the summer and the first day of senior year. Its very confusing sometimes. But, one i understood the scene of the chapter, it was really good. I liked how the ending left happy and unhappy people. Ava was still pretty bitchy to Hannah, but they understood the problem and Lauren Barnholdt implied that they would sort things out as time goes on.

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Not liking the ending that much :3 But over all great book though.

It was ok... I don't agree with what she did though.

One of my favorite books!

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