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Somewhere Along The Way (1998)

Somewhere Along The Way (1998)

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Texas meets Scotland. Interesting concept. I liked the concept and the characters. I didn't know this was a series, but this book definitely could stand on its own. To go into detail would give away too many spoilers. I liked seeing the growth of the two leads. The secondary characters were also very enjoyable. I'd like to read more about the aunt and uncle. I enjoyed it and was curious what would happen next, all the way through the book. There was one period inconsistency, but it's the same one I've found in just about every book of this genre. Again, to go into detail would be a spoiler. I have to admit the particular instance that I refer to was handled very well, in the way the author wrote it. Overall, I enjoyed it.

The story was alright and while at times the books did make me laugh it seemed to drag in parts. All in all the writing style just was not to my liking.I did not care for Annabelle much she had no intention of fighting for what she wanted and just let the men in her life handle everything. I understand for the time period that was the norm but considering how much Annabelle dislike the decisions being made for her one would think she would be little more resistant and not just an obedient young woman. Ross was a funny character at first but he soon got a bit boring. Just became a cliche character that was around to be a love interest for a girl who had never made a decision on her own.

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