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Son (2012)

Son (2012)
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Son (2012)
Son (2012)

About book: An interesting wrap-up to The Giver series. Several unanswered questions from the previous three books are answered in this book, but I have to admit I was a bit disappointed in the ending (what else is new). The ending, for me, seemed rushed, thrown together, lets just quick knot up a few of these loose ends, without much thought really being given by the author to explain the meaning behind her wrap up. It felt lazy, like a short cut, easy way out. I am glad to have read all four books in this series though. I would not recommend that anyone read them as stand alone books though, they are best made sense of if read in order, as they all do tie together. I think that this book is awesome! if you guys are a fan of The Giver, which is the 1st book you would want to read that first to kind of understand the book. I would recommend this book to people, because this book is adventurous, a shocker, and has a lot of action to it, but then on another hand I wouldn't recommend this book to people because on some of the parts of this book its kind of boring. I think this book is suited for people who like read book series. I know a few people were they hate books that are in a series because they hate reading. I love reading so really I don't care what book I read I just hope it interest me. I think that the title for the book is appropriate because basically this book is about a girl who is looking for her son. how I feel of the plot is that I like the plot its really good, but I just don't like the ending. like I mean the ending is good but she could've done a lot better at the end. I wish that the book could've last a little bit longer because I wanted to see how Gabe and Claire reacts.
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Death, secrets, and power are in the mix in her suspenseful fourth book in The Giver series
I really enjoyed this book. It tied all three of the earlier books together.
ending was just a bit unsatisfying but I think that is probably OK.
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