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Song Of The Hummingbird (1996)

Song of the Hummingbird (1996)
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Song Of The Hummingbird (1996)
Song Of The Hummingbird (1996)

About book: Good little book. Interesting to hear the story told from the perspective of the conquered rather than the conquerors. Yet another indigenous people destroyed by greedy white males claiming to bring salvation from the one and only "true" god. I'm curious about where the actual 16th century accounts from the Aztec people are recorded. Yet another piece of history for me to explore in the future. :)The book very subtly shows the utter hypocrisy of the prevailing (Christian) religions. The Spaniards forbade the Aztecs from worshiping their ancient gods, saying it was idolatrous and required human sacrifices. And yet Catholicism is one of the most idolatrous religions in existence, with all the saints and statues and symbols. And what was Jesus, if not a human sacrifice, required to die a brutal, agonizing death to appease their god? Somethin' to think about...
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