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Sophia's Secret (2008)

Sophia's Secret (2008)

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0749080787 (ISBN13: 9780749080785)
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About book Sophia's Secret (2008)

Having read The Firebird first, all I can say is that I knew what was going to happen and bawled my eyes out anyway.However, because I apparently have Thoughts about this, I REAAAALLY did not care for the modern storyline, though--just based on this and the two other Kearsley books I've read, her modern heroines are just... annoying, their romances uninspiring. I do not understand at ALL why the love triangle between Carrie and the brothers had to exist. When Sophia made it clear to Captain Gordon that she was not interested in him romantically, I had such high hopes that the running theme of art-reflects-life, life-reflects-art would hold true, but it didn't. I hate accusing people of leading others on, but there is a difference between the rape culture "friend zone" myth and being a decent person. Like, out in the world, women do it to survive, and that's fine. In this fictional situation, Stuart was hardly going to be a bad person, so it bewilders me why Carrie never tells him she's interested in Graham. It was just... boring. And annoying.Also, I was so not warned enough about how there's sex, but actually not sex in these books. The sexual frustration is real. Not my usual type of book, but the Starz series, Outlander, has given me an interest in books set in Scotland. I found this book to be more interesting when it was set in the present. I skimmed several sections set at Slains in the 1700's. Sophia and the Countess were well developed as characters, but John Moray never really became more than a stock romantic handsome man. The author didn't give him enough personality and the build up of their romance was rather short. Moray's uncle, Colonel Graeme, was given more personality and substance. The lead character Carrie exploring how she knew Sophia's history and researching genetic memory was the best part of the novel for me, and Carrie's relationship with Graham. I don't think I'll be reading any more books by Susanna Kearsley. Back to mysteries for me!

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Class romantic historical novel. Not too demanding, but an enjoyable read.

This is one of those books that will keep you up way past your bedtime!

I love time travel. This one had a special twist to it. Very good read

Truly enjoyable light reading.

Fun story

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