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Soud Padlých Andělů (2013)

Soud padlých andělů (2013)

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About book Soud Padlých Andělů (2013)

I picked up this book on a whim on a trip to the library and am really glad I did. An original storyline interwoven with great characters and plot. A book that reveals (perhaps) the secrets of that day when we will all face God and give account for every thought, word and deed in our lives. It's a twisting tale, has everything a good book should and I like a book that makes me think and ponder it's message, and I did. Highly recommended. The Trial of Fallen Angels had a really interesting concept. Purgatory was a place called Shemaya; a place where the recently deceased find out who they will "present" to God for their Final Judgement, loosely resembling the way a lawyer represents their client in court. For main character Brek Cuttler, this seems as first like an easy feat, being that she was a lawyer during her life on Earth. Shemaya, aside from "the Courtroom," consists of anything you want it to. You can go home or walk through your old neighborhood, go shopping or go out for ice cream. But you can't see any of the living. Definitely a pretty cool concept of what part of the afterlife might consist of. This book, which should be obvious from the above, is spiritual. Religious even. But not shove it down your throat so, at least that's my opinion. What I think is really cool and lends the author a huge amount of credibility is the fact that he is a lawyer as well. (He writes like an author though lol) it's SO interesting to read a lawyer's take on right and wrong and Judgement. Really enjoyed this one and would love to read more from him if he ever writes more. This could potentially be a good book for a book group but also...the debate could get ugly. Not only does this book contain spiritualism and religion but it has racism and the Holocaust in here too. Plenty of openings for arguments and I said, could get ugly. I'm glad I read it alone and could take the time to think about it without any type of outside input. I'm not quite sure about things but I will say this book was definitely thought provoking.

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Thought provoking and tear provoking ! :). One that stays with you for awhile

A little far fetched but engrossing nonetheless. Highly recommended!

Plodding and confusing. Meh.


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