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Soul Eater, Tome 1 (2009)

Soul Eater, Tome 1 (2009)
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Soul Eater, Tome 1 (2009)
Soul Eater, Tome 1 (2009)

About book: This was an amazing manga! The storyline is simply awesome, and I love how there is almost more than 1 pairs of main characters, (about 3). They all have funny individual personalities, and all the extra details are really cool like with the 99 human soul and 1 witch's soul.The only things I didn't really like was how... Perverted this manga was majority of the time. It's like, really? Did you REALLY need to add that? But I have to admit, some part were still pretty funny. Another thing was how some action or fighting scenes were drawn were kind of confusing, because they almost seemed sloppy and random elements were drawn in each square. Can't wait to keep reading and start the anime! I'm not currently finished, or technically reading, but I have seen the anime and from what I can tell it's a little bit repetitive, but that's normal for a manga so I shouldn't be complaining. The characters are relatively solid, and the plot isn't more complicated than quantum physics, so it's at least understandable, there aren't so many characters that I can't remember who does what and why, and it's not so completely ripped off from something it feels like it's the same anime. On the downside it is a little too repetitive and I have only seen the first 5 episodes, the characters are predictable, and that makes the plot predictable, and it's not exciting if you know what's going to happen. As much as I don't expect things to be perfect, this could be improved in various areas if the maker took a little more time to think about everything other than flashy lights and special FX.
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Can tell already i am going to love this series! Awesome art with a gripping story
this was sooooo frikin awesome !!!!!
It is so LOL! :P
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