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Spectacular Now, The (2009)

Spectacular Now, The (2009)
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Spectacular Now, The (2009)
Spectacular Now, The (2009)

About book: i just finish watching movie based from this book. the movie is so-so and it makes me curious how the book sound like.i just finish read this book. i just feel sad for Sutter. for me he is a good guy and i do think it's ok if you want to be better person you can ask other people especially your love one to help you. you no need to do it alone. i really hope Sutter will not repeat the same mistake as his dad do. and for people like Sutter i do want them to feel that they not alone. sometime it's sad because it's not that people like Sutter they don't want to be better, they do but they just don't know how. we in this world surely face our own problem or battle, let's help each other. don't let especially your love one to be hurt or trouble alone. I've got to say, I really didn't enjoy this book. Firstly, I found it annoying that it's in the perspective of someone to whom I totally couldn't relate. And the ending is just so.... blah. To me, this whole book was the story of a drunk who corrupted a nice young girl and made her into a drunk. That's it, like, literally... I'm off to watch the movie now and see if I like it any more or less than the book.
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I wasn't expecting the book to end that way. Sutter is both a good and bad influence on Aimee.
"Life is an ocean, and most everyone's hanging on to some kind of dream to keep afloat."
La verdad el libro no fue lo que yo esperaba.
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