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Spectral (2012)

Spectral (2012)

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About book Spectral (2012)

It seems to me that witch books are getting better and better. This time there's an usual idea with a witch, a girl who has no idea how special she is, and her guardian. They fall in love, although it's forbidden and find their happy ending. Unoriginal? Yes. With a good twist? Yes. Boring? Definitely not!The book is quite long, but not drawn-out, full of action and fights. Then there's a love triangle: Chase, Roman and Jewel. I didn't like Chase, he acted a bit immature at some points and was a bit annoying. Roman was the opposite. According to the writer's description, Roman was very good-looking and risked many things to ensure Jewel was safe.Jewel was weird at first, her family moved a lot, and she never asked any questions about it, like it was normal. Then, when she read the book about witches and their craft, she freaked out and took her anger out on poor Roman. I was sometimes surprised how he acted so calm and relaxed while she shot daggers at him. I know it wasn't easy for her, but at least she knew the truth and could be prepared for her enemies.This could be a great read for lovers of YA genre, with a bit of supernatural, romance and action genre. This book got great reviews and the synopsis sounded really interesting. Unfortunately I thought it was okay but not great or swoon worthy. It was really predictable. You can tell there was going to be a love triangle (which I normally love), but it wasn't a worthy one. This book was action packed but I felt it was rushed. I love books where people have super powers but this one didn't really grab me. I didn't connect to Jewel and didn't really find or feel the love story believable. I am constantly looking for books with true romance and love but this one didn't make me giddy or swoon. It wasn't bad but not my top read or one that I would re-read. It had potential, but it was just okay for me.

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This book was awesome! Trust. If you love a good para/romance, you will want to read this!

"Butterfly" so cute :)

wow! pure awesomeness


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