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Spirit Bound (2010)

Spirit Bound (2010)
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1595142509 (ISBN13: 9781595142504)
Penguin Razorbill
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Spirit Bound (2010)
Spirit Bound (2010)

About book: Spirit Bound i Good to read . I honestly don't understand why Rose love Dimitri so much . I think Adrian is better for her . Anyway same things happened here again like previous book. Lissa getting captured. Rose and Guardians saving her . Saving her sounded easy. I also dont understand why Dimitri captured Lisa as bait when he knew guardians will come for her and kill all his armies ( Being a Guardian earlier, he should have known that. Some things dont make sense. Else its a good book Wooooow! Lol! This was LIGHT YEARS BETTER than book 4! Deffinitely not better than book 3 and then 1. But it had a little more of Adrian, Rose, Lissa and Christian. And, thank God, A LOT LESS OF DIMITRI! Than I got my doze of Lissa\Chrstian "we love each other, but we don`t" (and I enjoyied every minute of it, hehehe) and Adrian/Rose relationship. He wants it since book 2 and since he`s just can`t leave his wish unaccomplished!!! Adrian is gold! He and Christian are the sunshine and moon and stars of the book! And then we have Victor Dashkov, who I JUST CAN`T BRING MYSELF TO HATE!!!Anyways, FIVE, FIVE, FIVE STARS! Review - tommorow! I`m getting sleepy!
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this series is just getting better and better. But I want to scold at Rose. Is she that clueless???
This is an amazing book in the series so far. Literally fallen in love with this book.
I was completely surprised at the twists and turns this series took along the way.
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