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Spot Me (2009)

Spot Me (2009)
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1615810498 (ISBN13: 9781615810499)
Dreamspinner Press
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Spot Me (2009)
Spot Me (2009)

About book: Sweet start to the series ( that as usual I am reading totally out of order).Dan is finally getting over his lover ( asshat that he was) leaving him after a decade together, and at the gym he meets Gene.Gene is over a decade younger than he is and an aspiring Mr Universe, Dan can't understand why on earth he would want to be with him. Gene was great, romantic and wooed Dan, the evil exes all got the message and all is good. On a side note, lots of gym and weightlifting going on. Never thought I could give 2 stars to an Andrew Grey, but hey, apparently I can. This books disappointed me. I did not like the characters.Grey tried to make Dan witty, but it backfired and only made him look like he tried too much to be the witty gay character we all like. No, Dan is no Adrien English. I like Grey characters because they are normal people, guy-next-door type. They are not very witty, but they are intelligent and hard-working people, with a great sense of responsibility even at a young age. They contribute to the economy, to their community, they are great citizens. They are real good role model for gay or straight people.They will not "shine" like the witty gay man, but you don't need to be a social diva to be a great character in a novel, far from it.
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This was a fun read. Characters were good and holsome. Just a good old romance.
Was a great book and looking forward to the next to see more of their story.
3.5 stars. Cute story
3.5 stars
3.5 stars
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