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Stadt Der Finsternis - Die Magische Gabe (2014)

Stadt der Finsternis - Die magische Gabe (2014)

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About book Stadt Der Finsternis - Die Magische Gabe (2014)

This novella came for fee with my Kindle version of Gunmetal Magic, and shorts are usually not my thing, except when they offer extra insight on a serie that I love, and MG certainly did not disappoined in that department.What makes this special is that the short story centers on the main characters, while the 'main' book is a spin-off within the KD world, telling the story of 2 secondary characters for the series (equally strong, funny and likeble btw). I loved how the authors line up these two separate story-lines within the same time frame, with a number of overlaps that cover the same events from different POV's.So, all in all, a wonderful gift. I appreciate this being included in with Gunmetal Magic - the book that focused on Andrea. Since the story lines intertwine it was good to have them together. I would recommend reading Gunmetal Magic first really because you see Kate and her actions from Andrea's perspective with no knowledge of what is really going on. This way when you read Magic Gifts and see Kate's perspective it's so much more interesting as you've seen it from the other side previously. It actually makes parts of it more funny this way - to me at least. This Magic Gifts book was fun, another romp'em'stomp'em good ass kicking time to be had by Kate and Curran. I especially like how much Kate cares for her friends and will do anything to keep them safe, no matter the cost to herself. One of my favorite aspects of this entire series is the point at which Kate and Curran have a conversation about the fact that even though the world might end, it's worth the risk to save a single child because if it's better to let the child go to save the rest of the world maybe the world isn't worth saving. That mentality is what drives me back to this series over and over. The characters are good people and very interesting. It's fun learning what drives them. The fact that mayhem just seems to follow Kate around 24/7 just makes it all the more fun when she gets to kick a little ass. Kate and Curran and their motley crew of misfits are exactly the kind of people you want in your life. I can hardly wait for the next book to come out.

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Great novella, interlinking with 5.5. That beatch got what was coming to her 7 fold.

I liked how it tied into gun metal magic smoothly. Good novella.

3.5 Stars. Quick read.

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