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Stan Musial: An American Life (2011)

Stan Musial: An American Life (2011)

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An extra star for Vecsey's honorable intentions: paying due tribute to an underrated superstar. There is no doubt that Musial was one of the all-time greats -- as a player and especially as a human being. Unfortunately, being an all-around good guy does not make for compelling reading. (I am aware this probably says more about me than about Musial.) But I found the praise so monotonous I skipped ahead to the only controversy Vecsey allows himself to recount: Musial's falling-out with Joe Garagiola. On a deeper level, the biography poses the fascinating question of how to present a happy, successful life in a manner that keeps the reader engaged. Ranks with the great recent biographies written about f Koufax, DiMaggio, and Mantle. Vecsey treats Musial reverentially, as he shoul.. He was a humble, working class, Poilsh-American, born in Donora, PA, a steel town. He was a t top notch baseball of the best..but underrated by the current fan base.Only struck out 750 times in 22 years. Top 20 in all major hitting categories.

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Thank you First Reads for winning this free book. Hope to read and review soon.

Given the Cards unremarkable season, I figured I'd go back to some glory days.

Very good bio about perhaps the most unsung superstar in baseball history

Great book not just about baseball, but what he did after baseball.

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