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Star Sullivan (2006)

Star Sullivan (2006)
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Star Sullivan (2006)
Star Sullivan (2006)

About book: Maeve Binchy excelled at characterization and defied style. I usually only care about a lead protagonist’s viewpoint. She defied genre because I seldom touch general fiction. She draws me in because she writes about normal people. She gives voice to less pleasant goings-on of family life and perhaps we are swept away by these ordinary circumstances because they exist. We understand them and likely benefit from seeing them discussed.My interpretation of this books is: in a mishmash, struggling family “Star Sullivan” is optimistic. Other than her hard-working Mom, everyone is in a negative place. ‘Star’s’ brother fights with their Dad, another smuggles DVDs, their sister is anorexic, and their Dad is addicted to gambling. She falls for the new neighbour’s son, who is somewhat involved in her brother and Dad’s unhealthy behaviours. He considers himself a good neighbour and she bravely covers for them on a few occasions. After some bad situations boil and a few incidents are misconstrued, the neighbour resents her innocent nature and feels she is to blame for certain outcomes. His leaps are ridiculous. There’s a major difference between needing to mature past naivety and being a troublemaker. Star defended her family and cared for people all of her young life. The only standout mistake was clinging to the hope of dating the neighbour, when a very nice guy at work had feelings for her. That weakness in decision-making was understandable for a teen.Maeve’s outcome seemed to be that when life improved for the Sullivans, the neighbour wound up outraged with them. I’m unsure I understand or concur with Maeve’s point this time. It felt pessimistic: “not everyone’s happy at once” or “wanting to help doesn’t mean it works”. Star was always honourable. It was the others who were in need of shaping up.

A Very Quick Read!This is a good short story. The novella is only 106 pages (with very large print!) and although it was great to hear the characters through Maeve Binchy's literary voice - that wonderful Irish brogue, the story just wasn't long enough to give you a chance to really get into it. This is the story of Star Sullivan, the youngest daughter in a family of four children. Perhaps it's her youth that makes her feel the way that she does - she just wants everybody to be happy. She's also very worried - she worries about her father's gambling, her mother's long work hours, one brother's criminal tendencies and the other's restless ambition. She also worries about her sister, who's showing signs of developing an eating disorder. Then a new family moves in next door and Star meets Laddy, a handsome older guy that she falls for. Laddy doesn't really seem to notice but as time goes by, Star gets the opportunity to become his ally by covering for him to the police, when he was doing her brother a favor that could have gotten them both in big trouble. Unfortunately, by helping him out, she gives everyone the wrong impression about their relationship and suddenly, folks start to worry about Star! Laddy, wanting to pay her back for helping him, comes up with a plan that can make things better for her family. Despite his best intentions, while in the process of trying to make Star happy, Laddy finds trouble coming his way. Even though Star only wants the best for everyone, she learns that life isn't scripted, and that she can only control her own actions. Ultimately, Star becomes her own woman and puts life and other people's problems into perspective. This was a charming little tale that ended far too soon, but it was worth reading and Maeve Binchy fans will enjoy it.
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Not a bad novella by the author. But not an amazing book either. I loved the narrative, Binchy captures a lovely narrative. I think that's why I enjoy her books so much, is she can write just beautiful narratives and pull you in. She also sets up this little community wonderfully. The issue I had with the book was the story itself, just didn't grip me. Nothing in particular wrong with it, it just wasn't a story that reached me. I couldn't connect to the characters, and I didn't care for them much at all.It was a good novella. The at author tells the full story, and some great character development in the end. But overall it was just a short little read for me, nothing to separate it from other short little reads I've read. Would I recommend it to read: I would if you're a fan of the author, it holds her voice nicely, but I'd recommend her other books before this one. Also, good luck trying to find the book!Also on my book review blog Jules' Book Review - Star Sullivan
A pleasant enough little story about The Sullivan family and in particular the youngest daughter. This was published especially for World book day and as such I think intended more for those amongst us that do not normally enjoy reading. How can that be not us you say. However we all know someone we would like to encourage to read, try this then!This little book only 106 pages took me one afternoon session to read. It is part of a new scheme to encourage people to read story is a good introduction to the work of Maeve Binchy and I hope 'Quick Reads' will work as an introduction to authors people may otherwise not try. Maybe also get people keen on reading! read this in 2007.
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