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Starclimber (2000)

Starclimber (2000)

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About book Starclimber (2000)

Oppel keeps taking us higher. France and Canada are trying to be the first to send people into space. Matt is trying for a place on the Canadian ship. He must go through a two week training session. Kate has a place on the ship without trying out. She is engaged, but not to Matt. Again there are new organisms living far above our atmosphere. Disasters strike. Will they get back to earth safely? Read on. Final book in the trilogy, and though it wasn’t my favorite, I still enjoyed this venture up an “astral cable” into space. The technology in this installment is the least plausible, and the most like Jules Verne, of any of the books. But then, I loved Jules Verne as a kid, so this isn’t a criticism. I do think that having your spacecraft permanently tied to a cable, thus limiting its movement to just one axis of space, also tends to limit the plot possibilities. As a result, this book felt a bit more constrained to me. Also, like Matt, I missed the sky. I love space, but it’s different than the sky we’ve sailed in the first two books: paradoxically, space feels more claustrophobic than the sky.Still, it’s a fine ending to one of the best YA series I’ve read in a long time.

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It was fun. A little more far fetched than the others, but I still enjoyed it.

I was hoping for a little more out of the ending

A good third book. Enjoyed the series.

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