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Starry Montana Sky (2000)

Starry Montana Sky (2000)

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About book Starry Montana Sky (2000)

I absolutely loved this Christian Historical Western Romance! The love story of Widower Wyatt Thompson and Widow Samantha Rodriguez was so heart warming and tender. The characters of their children and the relationships that developed through love and perseverance was inspiring! A wonderful story that will not only touch your heart but your soul as well! Debra Holland can sure weave a beautiful inspirational story!! I really love how Ms. Holland balances the romance with the faith of her characters. I do believe that for many living the rural life in this time period that faith was an important part of survival and as such removing it entirely from the storyline can be as distracting as letting it take the primary role. These first two books in the series still have a lot of great chemistry and even a tiny bit of steaminess to them (not terribly graphic, but more so than most inspirational romances). The faith is there in the story, but not the primary force or overdone like so many other Christian books I've read in recent years. I'll definitely continue reading this series. It has proven to be one of my favorite historical western romances I've read this year.

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interesting characters, plot and story I couldn't put down.

I love Debbie Hollands books, and I love the western twist.

No thanks. Too graphic.

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