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Stealing Parker (2012)

Stealing Parker (2012)

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Parker was honestly a strong, funny, confident and brazen young woman. A little naïve at times, but her heart was in the right place…mostly. Will was so incredibly sweet. He crept up on me. Though I did feel like he overreacted…Same goes for Drew. Drew was an amazing best friend, dealing with his own issues, but when Parker needed both of them most..they bailed on her. I do believe that they should have listened, or at least heard her out.I do feel like I wasted time on getting to know Brian…I mean there were hints about his past, his mysterious tattoo and then he just completely disappeared out the story without another worth, sacrificing everything for a girl he liked. Parker handled that situation very poorly, but then again she is only 17 so what does she know about it? I absolutely love the writing style and the strong, funny characters that Kenneally is putting on her pages. I will definitely be continuing this series. IF you like baseball and softball then you should read this. If you like love stories that are cute, this is a book for you! IF you like BOTH, then you absolutely positutely NEED to read this. Its crazy how much i enjoyed this. At first, i saw her getting with Drew, and drew would have been amazing cause hes awesome, but i like how it turned our much better. Will seems like the perfect guy and this is probably just about the perfect book. But yanno, i kinda wanna run Brian over with Will's lawnmower. Shhh(:

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3.5/5 just as frustrating as catching Jordan!

SUCH A CUTE ENDING! I'm so happy. :,)


everyone needs to read this.

2.5 stars.

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