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Steampunk Poe (2011)

Steampunk Poe (2011)

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0762441925 (ISBN13: 9780762441921)
Running Press Teens

About book Steampunk Poe (2011)

If you combined clockwork gears, parasols, and air balloons with Edgar Allan Poe, what would you get? Steampunk: Poe ! This is the first collection ever of Poe stories illustrated with the influence of steampunk. Running Press Teens has selected some of the most popular, thrilling, and memorable stories and poems by the classic 19th century American writer whose literary talent continues to open the mind to countless interpretations. Every Poe story and poems is fully illustrated with steampunk-inspired art-from 1920s aviation gear to elaborate musical instruments-creating a fresh perspective on his work containing bizarre characters of madmen and mystery. Just in time for Halloween, Steampunk: Poe is the perfect classic horror choice with a haunting steampunk twist! Auweek! Poe is creepy. Pretty much all of his short stories are horrifyingly violent and disturbing and dark. That being said, his poems have a beautiful flow to them and he captures the feeling horror pretty much perfectly. He's a great writer, he really is. Just... not for me. No, I don't like quite that level of darkness. The steampunk inspired pictures, however, deserve about a four. The style was interesting, the colours good, and it certainly suited Poe's stories. I wish there had been more pictures, really! But now, I'm going to try to forget about girls being buried alive, old women being graphically murdered with razors (their daughters being stuffed up chimneys,) schizophrenic mad-men murdering people on account of eyes, and ravens. Farewell, Poe, our short relationship has come to an end.

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Fresh way to get kids to read Poe. Illustrations made me laugh...ghosts with goggles, etc.

Awesome. Review to come.


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