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Steelheart (2013)

Steelheart (2013)

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0385743564 (ISBN13: 9780385743563)
Delacorte Press

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This book is fantastic- exciting but not just action packed, it also had some mysteries that I did not see coming and asks some interesting moral questions about violence and defense and leadership. The voice of the main character reminded me of Alcatraz Smedry and there were occasional humorous bits but for the most part, it was a fairly dark book. I'm not into comics and I don't watch action movies but I thought the fight/battle scenes were very interesting and would make a great movie. I didn't like the occasional swear word but they were extremely infrequent. Also the opening scene is very disturbing and violent but the majority of the book is not like that. steelheart was a bit of a pit stop in my reading life. malazan book 7 wouldn't load on my cellphone, and steelheart was three bucks on Amazon, so I decided to give sanderson another shot. I'm glad I did.Although this book was shorter than many of his stories, this book contains the same kind of what-if, mysterious tone that many of his stories have. whether it was the "who is the hero?" tone from mistborn or the "how did we get here?" from stormlight, sanderson excels in creating new this story, super heroes are real. but unfortunately, as in real life, absolute power corrupts. in a world where ordinary humans become characters out of comic books, eventually a superman is born. And he is not kind. our protagonist, David, witnesses one of steelheart's first rampages, and witnesses his father being punched to death by this man of steel. yet he also gets the chance to see what no one else does: steelheart bleed. those are the first words of the story, and one of the mysteries of the book. what is steelheart's kryptonite? can a rag tag bunch of humans work to kill the supers who are oppressing them? even the most super of them all?this book plods in a few places, where there is less action. of course, these scenes inevitably contain hints of secrets yet to be revealed, a second read of sanderson's work is always rewarding. but the fights between the team of rebels and both the minions of the supers and the supers themselves are very rewarding. sanderson, as always, creates rules for the supernatural and then sticks to them. It's very exciting.while this book isn't quite as excellent as either of the stormlight books or "alloy of law" it is much briefer so if you want something shorter than a thousand pages, check it out.

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Excellent book ...again loved the character development to the storyline

Such a strong start to the series! i loved the world and the characters!

Won in a Christmas competition on twitter by Gollancz

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