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Stieg Larsson Millennium Trilogy DN Bundle (2010)

Stieg Larsson Millennium Trilogy DN Bundle (2010)
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0739352768 (ISBN13: 9780739352762)
Random House Audio
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Stieg Larsson Millennium Trilogy DN B...
Stieg Larsson Millennium Trilogy DN Bundle (2010)

About book: The Millenium Trilogy is one of the most renowned crime fiction books. I can honestly say that Larsson has produced a well-written series. In every chapter is an elaborate scheme that surprises readers as they read on. Each character is given a significant role to play and none are left out even until the end of the book, to which readers will certainly not expect in the final moments of the trilogy. When it comes to best-sellers I tend to avoid those books. They are always over-rated and have the best reviews. When you actually read the book there is nothing amazing about it. You should always read those reviews under 3 stars!I brought the trilogy only because they were going cheap on kindle and have heard great things about the books. After reading the first book I was left very disappointed.I read in many reviews that the book took some chapters to get into the story. It actually took about 15 chapters! But I kept reading and reading in the hope that the story would get better. The first 15 chapters were very uneventful and were mostly about Mikael ate this, or drank that, or went here or there. It was like someone was stalking him and writing every little thing he did during the day. I enjoyed the book but only after Mikael finally found some new leads in the disappearance of Harriet. After that I couldn't stop reading the book. I felt that the book didn't need to be so long and the story could have easily been told in less than 400 pages. I read reviews for the next book and found that the second book also takes time to get into. I was looking forward to reading all three books but after reading the first book I don't think I will be reading the next book any time soon.If you want to read this trilogy then don't expect the story to get going from the first few chapters. It takes time, a very long time. But the last 10 chapters are great once the story kicks in.
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read all 3 in quick succession. page turners, dark mystery, but each book can stand on its own.
Probably my favorite series to date.
Couldn't stop reading it.
Loved this trilogy.
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