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Still As Death (2006)

Still as Death (2006)
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Still As Death (2006)
Still As Death (2006)

About book: Professor Sweeney St. George is putting together an exhibit at the university's Hapner Museum of Art, "Still as Death: The Art of the End of Life". However, the Harvard University art history professor realizes as she catalogues the display that a priceless Egyptian funerary jewelry collar is missing. Making inquiries she learns that the last person known to have had the artifact was back in 1979, student intern Karen Philips who apparently committed suicide soon afterward. Sweeney continues preparation for the show, but also digs deeper into the Philips affair. She finds out that Karen was working at the Hapner the night it was robbed in 1979 and other tidbits that fail to add up. However, her fascination with a mystery over twenty-five years old changes to a modern murder mystery when someone kills Olga, working on the exhibit. Cambridge Police Department Detective Tim Quinn looks at the Art Department for a suspect while Sweeney begins to tie the current homicide back to the 1979 tragedy.

I did not like this as much as the others but it was still really good. Sweeney finally gets to launch her own exhibit and murder victims pile up one after the other. Amidst all of this is the "should I/shouldn't I move to England with Ian" and "I kind of have the hots for Tim Quinn" stuff going on, but the myster is solid and the characters are still great fun. I just wish it wasn't so long between books ... even the author's blog/website hasn't been updated since I guess I'm going to have to wait awhile longer.
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My first book by this author. Enjoyed the story on the whole, but am frustrated (already) by the miss-communication between the lead character, Sweeney St. George, and what I perceive to be the hero, the police detective, Tim Quinn. You read about the building attraction between the two (which appears to have started in a previous book) and while you, the reader seems to understand what is transpiring, the two characters totally miss-read each other. While I understand the miss-reading of each other's intentions, signals, etc., happens in real life, I find I have little patience for it in books or movies. I read to relax, escape, enjoy - I don't want these real life problems intruding on me. Not very open or patience, I know. That's just the way I am right now.Since on the whole I enjoyed the story and the development of the characters, I will try to circle back and see if I enjoy the characters in the beginning (If Tim Quinn is event there - I don't even know).
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