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Still Jaded (2000)

Still Jaded (2000)

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About book Still Jaded (2000)

I finished reading this book, and seriously just sat her trying to figure out what the f*** just happened!!!!!!Mind equal blown!!!!!!! Sheldon, Bryce and Corrigan have fallen apart.Am I the only one hoping for Denton?? I love him and I think he would be the best for in the long run.I think its time for Sheldon just needs to cut ties with the lot of them and move on. Move on with Denton damn it!! Make me happy!!! Just do it! Bryce turned into a complete douche, and corrigan well i don't even know what to think about him right now.and come on another freaking stalker? really! and yet another murder!! Tijan is killing me!! Just put me out of misery and lets find out who the newest crazy person is and let her end up with Denton. Tijan never ceases to amaze me and keeping me in suspense. GAWD!! I LOVE YOU TIJAN!!! Tijan is one of my favorite authors! I can seldom put one of her books down for more than a minute. There is so much depth to Tijan's characters. Her characters are real and faulted. Sheldon, more than any of her other heroines is faulted and quite unlikeable in some ways, but you are dragged along until you see that what is broken in her is what also makes her unique and strong. This is a continuation of Jaded. And where I found it took a bit before I really synced with Sheldon in the first book, I really identified with her immediately in the second. I found I really didn't like Bryce for most of the second book. I wanted to kick him in the bottom and my heart somewhat broke for Sheldon and Corrigan throughout this book. There is no way of reading this without becoming emotionally invested in these characters! Tijan has outdone herself again!!

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So addicted to Tijan's books! I can't wait for book 3!

Couldn't put this one down!

Oh my gosh. I need more.

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