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Still The Baddest Bitch (2014)

Still the Baddest Bitch (2014)
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Still The Baddest Bitch (2014)
Still The Baddest Bitch (2014)

About book: i wasn't shocked to find out that Maya was behind all of this but i was shocked to find out they arnez is still alive when renny is the one that killed him. as usual alliyah is head strong and walks right into a trap of course hopefully amir knows her as well as he says he does and saves her before she gets herself killed. im glad precious got her memory back but im i feel bad for nico he was so determined to be with her that he never stopped and think that she would get her memory back. and what about supreme he has lost precious so many times that its hard to keep count now that her memory has returned will he take her back i hope so Aaliyah should've listened to Amir...Now she done got herself in trouble...Hopefully Amir knows her well enough to know she wasn't going to sit back and wait for their parents to handle this...I have a feeling he'll be the one coming to the rescue in the next book...This book was okay...but at this point I'm just ready for this series to end so I can move on...Everything was pretty predictable...Not a lot happened in this book and it's kind of disappointing...I just hope Deja will end it well so we all can get some closure!
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This story is off the chain. joy deja king always put us on the edge
Great read, definitely waiting for the next episode to read....
All I can say is..... I can't wait for the finale!
Another great read
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