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Stolen Songbird (2014)

Stolen Songbird (2014)

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Strange Chemistry

About book Stolen Songbird (2014)

This book is not beyond flaws and even though it had a rocky start it just kept getting better and better. A lot of questions remained unanswered, like where the trolls come from, what happened to Trist and the rest of the rioters and a lot of inconsistencies popped up through out the story but i enjoyed it very much. Tristan and Cecile’s love was beautiful to watch and i can’t wait to see it blossom in the next book. Every so often I come across an author whose writing style is so much like my own that I actually ponder how they managed to get inside my head. That was definitely the case for this book. Consequently, I probably nit-picked a little more than usual, because it was like I was reading my own work, if that makes sense. I had to make myself step back from author-mode and just enjoy the story. I liked the unique settings, and really liked Tristan's character. Mixed feelings a little on Cecile at first, though I ultimately ended up liking her in the long run. There were a few times I wanted to tell her not to make a stupid decision, but I guess we all make stupid decisions at some point in time or another. I really wish there had been more emphasis on her singing and the music in general. I love it when books have a musical theme, so that's probably just me, but I hope to see more in the next installment. Overall, I liked it enough that I want to know what happens next, and I'm looking forward to finding out more about who the trolls really are.

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i loved the romance and cried a bit but sometimes i'd drift off with all the troll business.

everybody and their next door neighbors seem to put this in their to-read shelf.

3.5 It was alright.

Loved it!

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