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Storm's Heart (2011)

Storm's Heart (2011)

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0425242668 (ISBN13: 9780425242667)
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About book Storm's Heart (2011)

The second book of Elder Races, the tiny faerie and the mighty Thunder God.. Ehhmm.. what coupling..But something in this book made me tried very hard to finish the book, I can't pinpoint the 'thing' exactly, but it was there.I enjoyed the book as best as I could indeed.I just wished I love it more like the previous one, Drago's book.It still a good read though. This was boring. I was really looking forward to Tiagos story. Because I pictured him as a short haired Khal Drogo... But one think I really dislike in books are pussy whipped men and bubble gum lipstick women who can't make up their mind and wants a man to follow her around as if she is a plate of hot waffles on Karl Johan when all the high-on-crack people comes out from hiding at night. No, thank you. I do like Aryal, that is why I rate two stars.

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Sorry to say that I didn't find this Book 2 as interesting. Shall put this on hold for now.

Too much love and sex for my taste. Other than that, it was a good and interesting read.

It bored me so I couldn't even finish it. Too bad. The first one was good, though.

Loved Tricks/Niniane and Thiago together!


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