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Stăpânii Finanţelor: Cei Patru Bancheri Care Au Ruinat Lumea (2009)

Stăpânii finanţelor: cei patru bancheri care au ruinat lumea (2009)

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About book Stăpânii Finanţelor: Cei Patru Bancheri Care Au Ruinat Lumea (2009)

Well written, fun book. The story is written from the view of the 4 big ecconomic personalities of the 1910's to the 1940's. The plot revolves around the gold standard and reparations. The writer jumps between the 4 main characters going a couple years at a time. THe writing is compelling and easy enough to understand for a non-economist. If you have no understanding of basic economic principles, this will be a difficult read. Its not jargon heavy, but the effects of choices will make less sense. I had to reread many sections to try to grasp the choice and why the choice had a given impact. In a post gold standard world, some of the ideas are hard to understand, but you are rewarded by sticking with it. This is an extraordinarily detailed chronicle of the economy between the wars; it hones in specifically on the four bankers and their effort to "fix" the global economy. While a background (even basic) in economics is surely helpful, the book is readily understandable for those less confident in that field (though there are inevitably sections that may require a few reads to fully understand). While there are no startlingly positions, it is an interesting read albeit not always as accessible as some books on this era.

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As a non-economist, I found this well worth my time.

Must read if Macroeconomics interests you.

So good could be made into a movie.

Very interesting and informative.

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