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Strokes Of Genius: Federer, Nadal, And The Greatest Match Ever Played (2009)

Strokes of Genius: Federer, Nadal, and the Greatest Match Ever Played (2009)

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0547232802 (ISBN13: 9780547232805)
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

About book Strokes Of Genius: Federer, Nadal, And The Greatest Match Ever Played (2009)

A competent, if not entirely inspiring, recounting of The Greatest Tennis Match Ever Played. Wertheim here is let down by his subject matter. At the end of day, neither Nadal nor Federer make for compelling personas off the court. Their stable upbringings - both emotionally and financially - are notable only in so-far as they are the exception to the rule amongst the elite of the athletically gifted. But when fleshed out in long form, their respective tales feel more like requisite biographical information rather than illuminating details in an epic yarn. Though Wertheim attempts to argue otherwise, the fact is that rivalries born of genuine animosity will, at least on the page, always outshine those built on a bedrock of respect. So all that's left is the tennis: the high-tide of the over 130 years of the sport's organized history, played out over five hours that no one who was witness will ever be able to forget. Here, only the visuals can suffice. It is, to steal a cliche, a match that must be seen to be believed. Wertheim's words pay the action appropriate homage, and at times are even capable of painting its lofty subject matter with a new coat of perception*, but a crisply worded recap is still just a recap. Amounting to much more is a difficult task, and those capable of the trick are few and far between (Mark Kram's recounting of the Thriller in Manilla stands out). * On the players' mid-court meeting immediately following the match's conclusion: "After seven hours of the most intimate relations, they at last made physical contact." What a fun book to read during U.S. Open commercials! This book intersperses a description of the 2008 Wimbledon finals between Rafa Nadal and Roger Federer (considered by many to be one of the greatest matches ever) with biographical information about the two men. I've been on a tennis kick lately and it was great learning about two of the greatest tennis players of all. I highly recommend tracking down youtube clips of this match as you read the book.

Do You like book Strokes Of Genius: Federer, Nadal, And The Greatest Match Ever Played (2009)?

Kind of like a lengthy Sports Illustrated article, but that doesn't mean it wasn't good.

Terrific book on one of the greatest sporting encounters ever.

A good book! A very good book!

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