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Stronger In Your Hands (2013)

Stronger In Your Hands (2013)
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Stronger In Your Hands (2013)
Stronger In Your Hands (2013)

About book: Well I'm on my journey with these two guys and I'm starting to dread the finish line. A friend told me these get better as they go along and she was right. In this part of the story Alex is 18 and Jared starts the story ( after the usual present day prologue ) by surprising Alex at his prom * sigh * but this is also the night he lets Alex know that he is ready to take things further! The love scenes hot up in this volume but certainly not in a smutty way and for me the love and sexual tension is so palpable it made me tingle - many times! There are still some issues to work out and there's a sad episode for Stevie and Clark but once again this beautiful love story pulled me in and kept me reading catch up Into the early hours! :) To the author: thank you.To the rest of the world: this series is a must read. I own the ebooks since a few hours back, I will order the prints now.There is not much more to say than wonderful, these books take you on a wonderful journey through a spectrum of emotions, Ms Diana Adams; you sure can write.Usually I go for the erotic bdsm books but I can admit to not only love these books but also the characters, sweet as they are.So once again, read and enjoy! Warning though, don't read while wearing make-up :)
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I hope there's more books coming! Jared & Alex are just too cute together for there not to be more!
This book is every bit as good as the first 2 books in this series...loved it!
Crap I don't know. 3? 4? 3? 4? can't decide so guess I'll go with the 4
Definitely one of my favorite couples ever.
4.5 stars
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