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Stunde Null (2012)

Stunde Null (2012)

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About book Stunde Null (2012)

Wow! I have a new favorite author. Plot twists, character depth, an original storyline ... what more can you ask for? Oh wait, I'd ask for clean enough for my whole family to read it. And it is. He gives us a main character who may be someone worth looking up to, or perhaps has made a mistake. It is not revealed in this volume whether he did what he is being accused of, so you find yourself rooting for him to be the real hero we want him to be. But also, he is genuine, so if he did make this mistake, he must have had a good reason, right? For me: meh. I can totally see, though, why my son loves this book. The main character figures his way out of bad and then worse situations over and over, using cleverness and strength. At the same time, he is searching through his memories of the previous day, trying to figure out why this is all happening. The reader gets an uninterrupted flow of puzzles and excitement. The main character is heroic in his constant battles against overwhelming difficulties. This is all the good stuff. The thing is, though, he is supposed to be this “normal” kid, and so that’s pretty much what we get: a nice normal, flat teenager with very few distinguishing features. I’m sure that’s part of the allure – “That could be me!” – and it is also rather necessary to the story, since he feels that he’s normal and can’t understand why this is happening. That just doesn’t excite me, though, as much as reading about a unique person with unbland thoughts.Also, the patriotism that the main character argues (against the teacher heavy-handedly painted with anti-capitalism) really feels like a message being pushed onto the reader. I’m trying to decide if I’ll read the rest of the series. It’ll probably depend on whether my son reads it.

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I love this book and series so much! could not put these books down, definitely one of my favorited

I didn't finish this book, I think the viewpoint was just too juvenile for my tastes...

If I could give this series more than 5 stars, I would. Awesome series.

A fast-pacing thriller that was over before I knew it.

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