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Succubi Are Forever (2012)

Succubi Are Forever (2012)

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Jill Myles

About book Succubi Are Forever (2012)

This was such a great conclusion to what has become one of my favorite series. I can't believe this is the end, I sure will miss Jackie and crew. Jackie Brighton grew some balls and was faced with many obstacles and challenges, I wasn't sure she would be able to pull off the enormous task(s). There was also much more humor in this book. The previous ones were funny, but I laughed out loud throughout most of this book. Remy's ramblings at the beginning of each chapter concerning her memoir were hilarious. I want to also add something about the author's note at the end. She asks if readers of this series would be interested in further stories in this world. To put it eloquently, hells yes. This was my least favorite of the bunch. I think it's because the author was rushed, which is really really unfortunate. She has a note at the end saying that the story was meant to be carried out longer, but her contract for the series wasn't continued.It just felt forced. I loved the months after Zane died - Jackie's mission to get him back is pretty intense and her transformation from sweet and cute to girl who kill whoever gets in her way is fantastic. I just wanted to see things happen... differently. I suppose the author wanted that, too.

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I absolutely loved this series. I wish she would write MORE!

Great conclusion to series.

Could not put it down.

Series review to come

loved it

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