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Sudden Backtrack (2014)

Sudden Backtrack (2014)

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0062391585 (ISBN13: 9780062391582)
Harper Voyager Impulse

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Much Much too short, and frankly a bit disappointing. Granted when I pre-ordered, there was no book description. I was expecting something from Al's perspective at the END of the series, as this was supposed to be his last word. Not something set at the beginning. Even so, if the blurb had of been there when I pre-ordered, I probably still would have as I've read everything set in this world, and I probably wouldn't have been disappointed as I feel right now. All that aside, this did give an interesting insight into Al and Newt and where all the animosity between the elves and demons stemmed from. And I would purchase it again if only to complete my hollows collection, but I still think due to the shortness, it should have been included in the back of The Witch with No Name rather than charging for it. It's really really short- I didn't feel like I had time to get into the story- perhaps read it right after the witch with no name when you're already immersed in that world. It did explain more about the backstory for the demons/elves and Al and Newt but not by much (because it's so short). I did like that we got Al's POV but this isn't the Al we know and I'd love to have a POV from 'modern' Al- fingers crossed!

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Great but very very short, could easily be created into a book. Wish she would write more, soon!!

very short. It's about Al & Newt confronting the Elves. It's before Newt becomes batcrap crazy.

Extra 1/2 star because I miss the characters! :)

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