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Suddenly Supernatural : Medium Yang Tidak Bahagia (2011)

Suddenly Supernatural : Medium yang Tidak Bahagia (2011)

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About book Suddenly Supernatural : Medium Yang Tidak Bahagia (2011)

Kat can see spirits. Her friend Jac is a very good musician but is not sure if she wants to keep on playing. Kat, Jac and Jac's mother go to a hotel with some special events for musicians. Kat sees that there is a spirit in her room that is confused and doesn't know it's dead. Kat tries telling the spirit that it is dead and leading it to the right place without being mean. At the same time she gets in a fight with Jac and is left on her own to help the spirit. She tries to find out about the past to help her find out what is wrong and what she can do to help the spirit. She discovers that there is a evil creature in her and Jac's mothers room that gives Jac's mother headaches and makes her feel tired. The evil creature tries attacking Kat several times. In the end Kat and the spirit defeat the evil creature with the power of love. Kat brings the spirit to cross to the world where the dead go. She also becomes friends with Jac again.The book is fantasy. The story includes magical powers because Kat can see spirits and she can form a bubble to protect her. It includes non human characteristics because there are spirits and there is a evil creature. It includes good vs. evil because Kat and the spirit fight against the evil creature. The story also includes a imaginary place because the spirit goes to a place where the dead go. By book 3, Kat is feeling pretty comfortable with her ability to communicate with ghosts. This adventure begins when her really only friend Jac askes her to go to a music retreat with she and her mother. Kat thought that it might be fun and relaxing to visit the Whispering Pines Mountain Resort, but that is not how it turned out. Immediately when Kat gets out of the car, she sees a ghost walking toward her. Jac is so fascinated with her ability and constantly questions what she sees and who she is speaking with. When Jac decides that she likes one of the boys in her music group, she abandons Kat. This allows for Kat to be pulled in to helping a ghost that visits her in her room. This was a very fun story that any student would enjoy reading. The author has created Kat to be very likable and engaging. You get pulled into her story.

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sumpah, lebih keren dari dua buku sebelumnya :D ceritanya lebih tegang dan mengasyikkan :D

it is a good book too u should continue until the end!!

This series continues to be a cute, quick read. Fun!

i love these ghost stories!

Loved all the books

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