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Sugar Pop Moon (2013)

Sugar Pop Moon (2013)
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Sugar Pop Moon (2013)
Sugar Pop Moon (2013)

About book: I thought this was a great, easy read if you're in the mood for a noir crime story with some atypical characters. Protagonist, Snowball, is a great device to explore racial tensions in Prohibition-era East Coast. The language captured the setting well, and it's a great weekend read that'll make you want a glass of the sugar pop moon to sip while you read. Fans of Boardwalk Empire will love this book!DISCLAIMER: I received this book through First Reads. I truly loved Sugar Pop Moon. The two eras described in the book come through very authentically; Jersey is a fully developed hero, smart and human, not just a "zebra-n****r-lackey-c**n", as some of the rougher mobsters call him; and both stories fold together poetically, as if destined to do so, after 24 years. Really nice. As I read, I had to fight the constant urge to put a shine on my lips with every turn of the page. I drink enough as it is.I especially liked the intelligence John Florio gave to Jersey. He could have ended up a somewhat clichéd hero -- understandably so perhaps -- if he had been uneducated, spoke poorly, and lacked a conscience. But he is a unique character who will stick in my mind for a long time. And not just because he's a mixed-race albino named Snowball. He's well rounded, scarred, and principled.Finally, the action scenes were tense and exciting. This is an unusual novel, gritty and bitter-sweet, very much worth the read.I look forward to reading Blind Moon Alley, the next book in this series.
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I enjoyed it wery much and would like to see the character come back again!!!
Now THIS looks like my kind of book. I hope its short and I can read it.
held my interest especially if you like books set in that era
This book was awesome !
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