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Summer Rental (2011)

Summer Rental (2011)

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0312642695 (ISBN13: 9780312642693)
St. Martin's Press

About book Summer Rental (2011)

I have to qualify, this is better than her other book that I read earlier this summer, but not as good as other books that might share this rating (from me). The characters were better drawn, foils were less obviously so. I don't like the wrap-it-up-in-heavily-expositional-epilogue thing (cheating!) but I knew I was getting something light and fluffy. You could see the plot twists coming, but she kept you guessing about when, and the writing was engaging enough to keep you reading until they arrived. It was definitely a light summer read. I pushed through it because I had gotten so far in it. It wasn't horrible, but there were some parts that were dry and did not leave me hanging, like my usual suspenseful reads. The characters were more believable than I was first expecting, so that part was great. The romance in it was expected, but still well-played out. I'll probably read more of hers in the future - especially when I want a lighter read.

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Not only a good read, but enjoyed the audiobook's reader too. Will look for more books by her.

After a couple challenging books, this was a fun read.

Perfect read for a long plane ride. No more, no less.

Fun read! Always like her characters.

Great beach reading.

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